Len Billing

Len Billing, an American fluent in the Fuzhou dialect, has passed away at the age of 103. His remarkable life was deeply intertwined with the beautiful and historic region of Kuliang in Fuzhou, China.

Len was the youngest son of Arthur William Billing, an American who taught at the Fuzhou Private Union Vocational School. In 1912, Arthur built a charming single-story stone and wood Western-style villa on Kuliang, a scenic summer retreat for many expatriates and locals. Len spent his summers on Kuliang until he was 16, forming a deep, life-long connection with the area.

During his childhood summers on Kuliang, Len used his small camera to capture hundreds of photographs depicting life in this idyllic locale. These photographs have been invaluable in uncovering the rich history of Kuliang, helping to identify historic sites, restore ancient residences, and revive the tennis courts that once thrived there.

Len's contributions extended beyond his personal memories and photographs. His efforts greatly aided in preserving and understanding Kuliang's heritage. His photographs offer a vivid glimpse into the past, providing a crucial link for historians and locals seeking to restore and celebrate Kuliang's storied history.

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