Millennium Cryptomeria King

The Cryptomeria, an evergreen tree with slender branches like the willow and fine leaves as the fir, is also known as the "strange willow" or "three-spring willow". The Millennium Cryptomeria King is one of the "Four Great Tree Kings of Fuzhou". It stands about 30 meters tall, with a crown diameter of 25 m and a trunk circumference of 8.6 m. With an age of over 1,300 years, its two main trunks intertwine, earning it the nickname "couple tree". It is featured in the book Chinese Tree Wonders. As the landmark of Kuliang, this ancient tree has witnessed the changing seasons. The Millennium Cryptomeria King is considered a guardian of the land and locals view it as a Fengshui tree, believing that it embodies the backbone and pillar of the Liang clan, representing their ancestral spirit.


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