Introduction to Kuliang

The Kuliang National Tourist Resort is located in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou city, the capital of Fujian province, approximately 12 kilometers from the city center. With an average altitude of 750 to 800 meters, Kuliang features four distinctive natural and cultural landscape styles: "Fresh breeze, light mist, Chinese firs and ancient buildings". It has been a popular tourist destination and a summer resort from ancient times to the present. Since 1886, people from over 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Russia, have built villas in Kuliang. At its peak, there were as many as 366 villas of various styles, creating a mountain resort town where Chinese and Western cultures blended.

Leveraging its excellent environment and rich cultural heritage, Kuliang has gradually developed into a well-equipped leisure and tourism resort that integrates a variety of tourism resources, including the mountain and water scenery, the summer resort culture of both China and the West, as well as local customs and traditions.

In recent years, Kuliang has received numerous accolades, including being named a National Ecotourism Demonstration Area, a National Tourist Resort, one of the Top 10 Influential Chinese Tourism Resorts in 2018, and one of the first "Refreshing Fujian • Climate Paradise" summer resorts.


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