Priscilla Gill

Harold N. Brewster, born in 1905 in Xinghua, Putian city of Fujian province, served as the director of Gutian Hospital, the director of Fuzhou Union Hospital, and the president of a Methodist Church in New York, the US. 

His wife, Dorothy Brewster, founded schools and orphanages in China.

Harold Brewster's villa in Kuliang, located in Yixia village, has been destroyed, and its site is now occupied by the Bangshan Wuju Residence.

Priscilla Gill, their daughter, was born in 1936 in Gutian, Fujian. She left China at the age of 12, having spent her childhood summers in Kuliang. Priscilla is a retired elementary school teacher currently residing in Providence, Rhode Island, the US. She is primarily active in church activities.

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