Zhuli is famous for its Shizhu Mountain, which is known for the giant stones that stand like pillars. At an altitude of 785 meters, Zhuli features scenic spots such as Fringe Flower Path, Azalea Valley, Moon Viewing Pavilion, and Sunrise Viewing Platform, with many rock formations scattered throughout the mountain.

The summit of Shizhu Mountain was historically one of the four great places in Fuzhou to watch the sunrise. From here, one can enjoy a wide view of the Minjiang River estuary and the spectacle of the rising sun. After rain, the area offers magnificent views of a sea of clouds and mirages of the city, making it an excellent spot for stargazing at night.

With its superior ecological environment, Zhuli has become an international camping site that offers sightseeing, photography, camping, picnicking and forest wellness activities.


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