Discovering the stories of Kuliang and dancing together

On July 6, around 160 American teenagers took part in the "Shared Journey of Friendship" exchange event, visiting Kuliang, a charming summer resort in southeast China's Fujian province.

听鼓岭故事 跳同一支舞 百余名美国青少年“走读”鼓岭_副本.jpg

The students from the "Shared Journey of Friendship" U.S. Youth Exchange Delegation are learning about the story of Kuliang at the Kuliang Club. [Photo provided to]

The teens explored key sites like Gardner Memorial Hall, the Kuliang Post Office, and Cryptomeria King Park, delving into Kuliang's history as a bridge of friendship between China and the world. At the Kuliang Club, Elyn MacInnis from "Kuliang Friends" shared heartfelt stories of the deep bonds between Kuliang and its foreign visitors. Inspired by these tales, many students expressed a keen interest in learning Chinese and discovering more about Chinese culture.

During their visit, the students toured the Life on the Mountain Museum, which highlights a century of life in Kuliang. They also explored the Kuliang Families Story Museum, learning about the lasting ties between expatriates and Kuliang. These stories, spanning generations, deeply moved them. The natural beauty and unique architecture of Kuliang, especially the distinctive stone houses, left a lasting impression.

On Kuliang Ancient Street and at Frank H. England & Co (Villa of Li Shijia), the students immersed themselves in traditional Chinese culture and eagerly bought cultural and creative souvenirs. An unexpected dance exchange brought everyone together, showcasing the harmonious blend of Chinese and foreign cultures.

This visit to Kuliang not only deepened the American teens' understanding of Chinese history and culture but also fostered new friendships between Chinese and American youth. The students shared that this experience would be a treasured memory and looked forward to more opportunities to explore and understand China in the future.

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