Yue Qinghua

Yue Qinghua is the vice-president of the China Christian Council, vice-chair of the Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, chair of the Fujian Provincial Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, and president of the Fujian Theological Seminary.

Born in 1966, Yue studied at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and the International Theological Seminary in the United States. He furthered his studies at Renmin University of China's School of Philosophy and Fuller Theological Seminary's School of Psychology in the U.S., earning a doctoral degree.

Since 2011, he has served as a master's advisor at the College of Sociology and History at Fujian Normal University (FNU), director of the China Christian Research Center at FNU, doctoral advisor at the Department of Philosophy at Xiamen University, researcher at the Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies at Zhejiang University, and researcher at the Institute of Religious Studies at Minzu University of China.

Since 1989, he has published over 80 articles in various journals. He has also authored and edited numerous books on Christian theology and Chinese Christianity.

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